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“Just wanted to say ‘thanks for the memories’ for last night’s show. The music was fantastic – the era in which we grew up. We had a great time. We love your band – first time we have been to one of your shows. Will definitely look forward to the next one, if it’s not too far away from Maple Ridge!! Thanks again. P.S – Bought your CD last night and have just finished listening to it. Great stuff”

Bett and Harry, RMSS Fundraiser March 3rd, 2012

“I wanted to personally thank you and all the band members for the fabulous music on Saturday night! I have heard nothing but wonderful comments on your performance. I always get so excited at these things because we are the only group locally that has such “classy” music and such a “handsome” band. We are really very fortunate to have you at our Benefit. And to think it all started with an impromptu night at the Pitt Meadows Hangar Dance!”

Linda Ahman, re: Hearts For Hospice 2007

“Bruce and fellow orchestra members, The Bruce James Orchestra created exactly the mood we were hoping for at our Benefit. You looked and sounded fabulous and we have heard nothing but positive comments from our attendees. Thank you all for taking the time to fit our event into your busy schedules and for complying with our request for the ‘” wandering trumpet tune “. Please do add us to your contact list. We would like to find out when and where you will be playing. Hope to see you soon, (we are also looking for a CD)”

Caroline Bartlett, re: Hearts For Hospice 2006

“Where do I start? First of all I would like you to thank all the members of your fabulous band for all their hard work the day of our Benefit. There professionalism, humour, not to mention their talent helped us create the ‘romantic, sophisticated French Theme’ we were after. Caroline and I were not surprised, as we had heard you twice previously, but those who had not had the pleasure were all ‘blown Away’ by the evening’s music. I feel very fortunate to have had The Bruce James Orchestra be a major part of our evening. It was not surprising therefore that we managed to have people still dancing into the wee hours of the morning and then be craving more, as their “encore” shouts clearly demonstrated. Lovely of the band to comply with the crowd and continue playing!! Please add my mailing info to your contact list. I have mixed emotions about promoting you too much though, as I like to think of you as “our little secret”. However, that would be purely selfish on my part!! It has been a pleasure working alongside you these past months. Thank you from ‘the bottom of my heart’.

Linda Ahman, re: Hearts For Hospice 2006

“We first met the Bruce James Orchestra when they played at the Pitt Meadows Recreation Hall in Spring 2004. When we heard about the upcoming Hangar Dance, we quickly bought tickets. Excellent, excellent entertainment! I cannot imagine how very warm it must have been there in the Hangar, but the Orchestra certainly didn’t miss a beat! Cheers and sincere thanks for an excellent evening.

Wendy Station, Re: Hangar Dance 2004

“Professional, proficient, and punctual! The Bruce James Orchestra are all these things and much more. A very professional and talented group of musicians, with a keen sense of showmanship. The selection of songs, combined with a snappy wardrobe and stage presentation to match is a winning combination. The best big band in Vancouver.”

Byron Lonneberg, Technical Director Commodore Ballroom

“I experienced the Bruce James Orchestra at the Commodore Ballroom during the 2003 Vancouver Lindy Exchange. This band is tight, expressive, and energetic. They know how to play to a crowd of rabid Swing Dancers… and that is no small feat!”

Darren Scherck, Jungle Swing Productions

“I had the opportunity to attend an evening event this past July at the Pitt Meadows Airport. The event was called a hanger dance and it featured The Bruce James Orchestra. I must say that although my musical tastes are liberal I would not call myself a fan of ‘swing & forties’ style music. I am a supporter of the Airport and thus my wife and I dragged my sister (visiting form Edmonton) out to this Hanger Dance. In a few words it was a great evening. My wife and I are ‘forty-somethings’ and thought we would be the youngsters in the crowd. Boy were we wrong. There were over 200 people at this event and many were in their twenties and thirties. And man could they ever dance. What a great following this orchestra has. It is such a treat to see young(er) people out dancing to this style of music with great zest and smiles on their faces. We had a great evening watching the dancing and my wife now insists that we need to ‘tune-up’ our dancing techniques. I definitely recommend an evening out to enjoy the music and atmosphere of the Bruce James Orchestra.”

Michael Pierce, GM, Pitt Meadows Golf Club

“The Bruce James Orchestra is a delightful mix of quality musicians. For swing enthusiasts, there is no better band in the area. Their swing dance is a lot of fun and their music brings back many memories from the past! This is a fine band, with a large repertoire of the best Jazz Band tunes and you don’t want to miss their excellent show!”

James Bryson, Director, James Productions

“There was great swing music coming from round the back, which turned out to be the Bruce James Orchestra, live! A fine local ‘Big Band’ lead by one Bruce Flello. Mary and I love this stuff, but as I rushed to get her, they quit for the day. Darn. Too bad we didn’t make the hangar dance on Saturday night!”

Mary and Tony Swain, Columnist, Aircraft Monthly

“Good music, great band”

Dal Richards, Big Band Leader/ Radio personality

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  1. What a beautiful gift you give each week! Having the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate your gifted musicians and singers in the outdoors and in our home town is an experience I will not forget. And FREE to boot!

    Thank you for sharing your awesomeness!!

    • I very much appreciate you coming to hear us each week. Without you it would be pointless. We love to entertain people! Bruce

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